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Fishers Indiana Lawn Care & Landscaping :: Lawn and grass mowing

Safety is our top priority!
Before starting any work, we always walk your yard looking for toys, loose rocks and any other items that could get caught under the mower deck and catapulted across the yard. We will always disengaged the mower deck when children are passing and ask that you keep your children inside during the time we are mowing and trimming.

What is your payment policy?
We prefer cash payment at time of service. Package clients may pre-arrange to pay with check for monthly service plans. Make checks payable to Nicholas Shinn. There is a return check fee of $35.

What is the correct height to mow grass?
A good rule of thumb is to keep your lawn at a level of 3 inches. When cutting, you should not take off more than 1/3 of the total length.... And never scalp the lawn. Scalping causes the lawn to brown easily because it can not retain moisture and it allows for weeds to more easily root themselves. ShinnScape will not scalp a lawn under any circumstances. The overall health of your lawn depends on proper mowing and watering.

Do you alter the mowing path at each mowing?
Yes, it is the best practice to alternate the angle that the blade of grass is cut at each mowing. This helps the lawn stand tall and gives the blade of grass the ability to better absorb nutrients and water.

How often should I mow my lawn?
Normally lawns are mowed once per week through the Spring and Fall months. Summer months may go to every other week depending on rain fall and your watering habits.

Do you bag the lawn clippings?
We do not bag clippings. Our mowers have a mulching deck. The mulched clippings decompose and return the nutrients of the lawn back into the earth.

What do you do with weekly yard debris?
Any debris from weekly yard service is collected, bagged and placed in your home trash container.

How large of mulching projects do you do?
We normally do small mulch projects of 4 cubic yards or less (about 36, 3 cu. ft. bags), which will take care of a majority of residential home projects. We purchase bag products from Lowes. We apply Preen for weed control and then place the mulch. I have partnered with a local company for bulk products and delivery, if needed. NOTE: If you choose to use a dyed mulch product, a large tarp must be placed on your driveway before the mulch is delivered.

Do you mark up your materials and products?
No. I purchase most of my lawn care products at Lowes in Noblesville. I will present my receipt to you for reimbursement and charge a nominal fee for product pickup and delivery. My business income is based on service labor.

What if I have an irrigation system?
We will always watch for irrigation spouts that have not fully disengaged to make sure no damage occurs in the mowing process.

If I prepay for a large lawn service package, is there an expiration date?
No, the package will not expire. If there are mows remaining at the end of the season, we will either transfer them to the next year or trade the value of the remaining service to another type of service. We want our clients to get all the value of the package they purchased!

Can I choose a day each week for ShinnScape to visit?
We will do our best to honor a preferred day request, however due to rain days it is easy to get off-schedule.

Do you give discount coupons for client referrals?
Yes. If a client referral purchases a pre-paid package consisting of 4 or more cuts, we will add one free Mow and Blow to your existing package. We appreciate the opportunity to service your friends and family.

Do you do general hauling and debris removal?
We do not provide hauling services. Mount Comfort disposal fees are rather expensive (starting at $30.00 per level pickup load). We have found it less expensive for the home owner, to cut up brush and yard debris and place it into lawn bags for normal neighborhood trash removal.

In the fall, Republic Services allows for 10 additional bags of leaves/yard debris per week at no charge. All other times, a fifty cent per bag fee is charged. Waste Management Services charge a flat fifty cent per bag fee -- year round.

Fishers Indiana Lawn Care & Landscaping :: Lawn and grass mowing
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